Greg Mischio

Greg Mischio, Epiphanies that will Alter the Course of Human Events

Some call him “The Epiphanizer,” but he’s really just a guy who likes to varnish.  He has written a book, and hopes to make it available for costly purchase soon. (Portrait by Martel Chapman, Photo by Tara Kuhlow)


Roz Burgess and Patty Neuman

Patty and Roz

Now a proud and patriotic U.S. citizen and Texan, Rosalind Burgess grew up in London and currently calls Houston home. She has also lived in Germany, Iowa, and Minnesota. When not writing, Roz works in the airline industry.

Patricia Obermeier Neuman spent her childhood and early adulthood moving around the Midwest (Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana), first as a trailing child and then as a trailing spouse (inspiring her first book, MOVING: THE WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & HOW OF IT). A former reporter and editor, Patty lives with her husband in Door County, Wisconsin. They have three children and twelve grandchildren.

With their first three books in The Val & Kit Mystery Series, THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MAVIS WOODSTOCK, THE MURDER OF SUSAN REED, and DEATH IN DOOR COUNTY, now published, Roz and Patty — along with characters Val and Kit — have another mystery up their sleeves (and on their computers). All four women agree that friendship, humor and love are as compelling as solving murders.

Wright Forbucks
Wright Forbucks writes comic fiction. He is the author of The General Store, The Walking Man ,Billy Grist and, Even Steven. He lives in Massachusetts, in a town that grows apples. He is married with children. He is also devout Red Sox fan.In real life Mr. Forbucks is an engineer and inventor with numerous patents. He also holds a public health related degree from Harvard University. Mister Forbucks interests include cartooning, physics, baseball and writing.For more information go to www.wrightforbucks.com.
Rochelle Fritsch

Fritsch Pic

By day, Rochelle Fritsch is a fundraiser for a Milwaukee-based nonprofit. By night and whenever else she can find time, she’s a closet karaoke queen and blogs at The Late Arrival.  Rochelle was selected to perform a live reading of her work at Milwaukee’s inaugural Listen to Your Mother Show, and she’s among the top ten finalists for the We Still Blog Awards at the 2013 Type-A Parenting Conference. Rochelle’s posts are a reflection of the skin she’s in – both as a black woman married to a white guy and mom to a mixed kid – and also as someone who looks for life’s big lessons and laughs in the small things.

Christoph Paul


Christoph Paul is a former porn store manager and was singer/guitarist of the rock band The Only Prescription. He graduated from Wilkes University with an MA in Creative Writing. His first book of non-fiction, humor, and satire “The Passion of the Christoph” is out now on Amazon and an audiobook on Bandcamp. His second release is a humor poetry collection “Psychoanalytic Celebrity Poems” released under Swift Ink Books. He has more satire and poetry books in the works that will pop up unexpectedly like if a cold sore was a good thing. Right now he is working on a YA Series with the working title  “Joey ‘The Art Film’ Caldo”. He is a lover of The Arts, Thai Food, and The Miami Heat & Dolphins and hater of both political parties.