The Garment the Opposite Sex Can’t Figure Out

garment the opposite sex can't figure out

The epic battle between the sexes has raged since the day Eve borrowed Adam’s rib and didn’t put it back. To help us men conquer the women-people, I’m fighting fire with fire by inventing the garment the opposite sex can’t figure out. [Read more…]

Men Now Traveling to the Bathroom in Pairs

Men Now Traveling to the Bathroom in Pairs

Why do women travel to the bathroom in pairs? My latest epiphany revealed the secret, one so terrifying that I wished I’d never questioned women’s dreaded double-trip to the can. [Read more…]

Letting My Wife Scope Out Women For Me

Letting my wife scope women out for me

Did you know 9 out of 10 men are put to death by their wives if they dare glance in the direction of another woman? With my bold, marriage-saving epiphany, I’ve figured out a simple way to stay alive: I’ll let my wife do the ogling for me. [Read more…]

Why Men Always Get the “S” Jobs

I’ve had enough.  For far too long, me and my fellow menfolk have been forced into cruel, subservient tasks:  The s— jobs.  My latest epiphany reveals why it occurs, and one brave man’s attempt to right this messy wrong. [Read more…]