Using a Chainsaw to Teach Math

Pretty Hispanic girlswith popcorn watching television

My teenage kids love slasher films. They can never get enough gore and dismemberment. This ubiquitous teenage trait has spurred yet another epiphany: Let’s combine the world of slasher movies and education to ensure kids know their math facts. [Read more…]

Selling Arms for Education

Modern weapon M4

Schools whine about a lack of funding. At the same time, war continues to ravage the world. I think we can literally kill two birds with one stone with the ultimate fundraiser: Let school children sell weapons of mass (and minor) destruction. [Read more…]

Test-Taker, the Hot New Occupation

young man doing homework and studying in college library

Much ado has been made about testing in our public schools. I applaud testing myopia, which is why I capitalized on the trend. Introducing an entire company built around the world’s newest occupation: Test-taker. [Read more…]

Gazillion Dollar College Tuition

Gazillion dollar college tuition

My son has started looking at colleges, which means his parents have started looking at jaw-dropping tuitions. It’s inspired an epiphany bound to shake the foundation of those ivory towers: gazillion dollar tuition for one person. [Read more…]

Forcing Educators to Stop the Homework Avalanche


It’s typical to see a high schooler burdened with 4-5 hours of homework a night. Is there not some way to impart knowledge without keeping our young uns up till 3 am? There is now, with my latest epiphany: I make those accursed educators do homework too.  [Read more…]

Replace Corporate CEOs with First-Grade Teachers

Replacing CEOs

I’ve done my time in the corporate world, and it turned my stomach.  The infighting, politics, groveling, and backstabbing — it all starts at the top.  That’s why my latest epiphany replaces the CEOs of major corps with first-grade teachers.  Specifically, my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Smith.  (This week’s epiphany includes a special guest illustration from Phil Wong.) [Read more…]