The Poo and Pee Comedian

microphone on theater stage ,golden star on background  with red curtains

Why are there so many potty mouth comedians? I believe it’s due to oppressive parents who never let us get the scatalogical giggles out of our system. That’s a huge opportunity missed, and it led to my latest epiphany. [Read more…]

Prehistoric Cave Art – The Remake

Prehistoric Cave Art - the Remake

Hollywood is always looking for the next blockbuster, and this quest for cash has sadly sapped Tinseltown of fresh new thinking. Remakes are the norm these days, but instead of bemoaning the trend, I’m proposing a bold new one with “Prehistoric Cave Art – The Remake.” [Read more…]

Real Life Clash of Clans


Perhaps you’ve seen the hot video game sweeping the nation, Clash of Clans. With my latest epiphany, we’ve expanded the killing beyond the smartphone screen and into the everyday world. Now your family can kill other families – in real life! [Read more…]