The Poo and Pee Comedian

microphone on theater stage ,golden star on background  with red curtains

Why are there so many potty mouth comedians? I believe it’s due to oppressive parents who never let us get the scatalogical giggles out of our system. That’s a huge opportunity missed, and it led to my latest epiphany. [Read more…]

Guess What Sells Like Hotcakes?


The world overfloweth with business gurus, Wall Street wizards, and economic academics. Yet out of all these brilliant biz folk, not one person has suggested the ridiculously obvious: To make money, you should start selling hotcakes. [Read more…]

Charging $72,000 for a Pair of Socks

Are we penny wise and trillion dollar foolish?

My neighbor routinely kvetches about having to spend an extra five cents on gasoline. His chronic fear of being literally nickel and dimed has inspired this latest epiphany, one which has the nifty side benefit of making me infinitely wealthy. [Read more…]