Introducing the Fetus Phone

Introducing the baby iNvitro phone

Why are older generations so distraught over the younger generation’s fixation with smart phones? I say let’s take it to the next level, which is why I’ve subcontracted with Apple to roll out my latest epiphany: the Fetus Phone. (Another guest illustration from Monica Lalanda!) [Read more…]

Barstool-Ski Lift Hybrid Reduces Drunk Driving


Drunken driving has inflicted untold amounts of pain, misery and suffering, yet we seem at a loss for how to curb its deadly consequences. That’s because we’re not putting capitalism to work, folks. So let’s drink to the end of drunk driving with my new Barstool-Ski Lift Hybrid. [Read more…]

Buying 3,475 X-mas Gifts for My Twitter Followers


The holidays are here, and I view their arrival as the perfect opportunity to marry tradition with high tech.  It’s my latest epiphany:  I’m going to climb over the digital divide and hand-deliver a holiday gift for my 3,475 Twitter followers. (This week’s post includes a special guest illustration from Mónica Lalanda!) [Read more…]