Make the Most of Micro-Idle Time


Is our culture work-obsessed, money-obsessed, or maybe just obsessed? It’s hard to tell the difference. What I do know is that we’re so busy, we don’t even know how to waste time anymore. That is, until I discovered micro-idle time. [Read more…]

Use Your Writing to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Ascending the ladder

Publishing a book is not the only way you can make money from your writing. You can also use it to scare the bejabbers out of your co-workers and climb the corporate ladder. [Read more…]

Training Covert Corporate Slugs

Businesswoman peering over cubicle wall

We get all excited about our entrepreneurs in the United States, but our biggest byproduct is the corporate slug. They’re well-schooled at the art of evasion and slippery tactics. Now, thanks to my latest epiphany, they now can literally blend into the woodwork while on the job. [Read more…]

Take a 50-Week Vacation


My family recently enjoyed a fantastic one-week vacation. Upon returning, our lives plunged into 50 weeks of prolonged hell. Why do we subject ourselves to the post-vacation blues? Instead, try my epiphany, which turns the tables on the vacation paradigm. [Read more…]

Modeling My Blog After US Health Care System


When I heard about the health care a friend’s elderly mother recently received, I was appalled. Then, true to my epiphanal roots, I was inspired. I decided to model my blog after the US Health Care System: I would make serious cash without having to produce solid results. [Read more…]

Sleeping Assistants Boost Productivity


Are you too busy? Do you find there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done? Instead of trying to cram more into your waking hours, make better use of your sleep-time with my latest “Sleeping Assistant” epiphany.” [Read more…]

Replace Corporate CEOs with First-Grade Teachers

Replacing CEOs

I’ve done my time in the corporate world, and it turned my stomach.  The infighting, politics, groveling, and backstabbing — it all starts at the top.  That’s why my latest epiphany replaces the CEOs of major corps with first-grade teachers.  Specifically, my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Smith.  (This week’s epiphany includes a special guest illustration from Phil Wong.) [Read more…]