Let Someone Steal Your Big Idea Then Sue, Sue, Sue!


As an avid reader of this blog, you’re undoubtedly worried someone will rip off my epiphanies and make millions off my big ideas.  Fear not.  I’m expecting this to happen.  It’s all part of my master plan—let someone rip me off, then sue the bejabbers out of them.

Many entrepreneurs pour their blood, sweat and tears into start-ups.  Their passion and work ethic is admirable, but there’s an easier approach; one that makes just as much cash and frees up more time for bowling.

I’m talking about giving away the big idea.

Before I reveal my methodology, consider the traditional life-cycle of the start-up company, which includes:  Generating an amazing idea; recruiting partners who will work 120 hours a week for next-to-nothing; seeking out funding from an angel investor; launching the product in an iterative phase; reacting to initial market demand, and modifying your product; seeking out a new round of funding from venture capitalists; re-launching, this time generating more success; hiring more staff and renting enormous amounts of office space in Northern California; generating massive publicity, and becoming the apple of NASDAQ’s eye.  Finally, launching an IPO that nets you billions.

Sure, that sounds easy.  But my approach is even easier.

First, go to a cocktail party where Mark Zuckerburg or those two guys who came up with Google are hanging out.  Wait until they’re alone at the bar.  Act like you’re talking on your cell phone, and recite your killer idea loud enough so they overhear you.

In about, 3-5 years, check the financial pages.  If you see they’ve ripped off your idea and created a profitable company, sue them for intellectual property stealing, or whatever it’s called.  Settle out of court for several trillion dollars.

It’s just that easy.

Steal This Idea:  One Shot

But what if you have a lot of bowling commitments and can’t get to cocktail parties attended by Mark Zuckerburg and those two guys from Google?

I’d suggest launching a highly successful blog and use it to leak out your big idea.  Please steal “One Shot.”

“One Shot” is a social network where less is more.  Instead of allowing people to put up unlimited tweets or posts, like Twitter or Facebook, you only get one post for the day.  “One Shot,” get it?

“One Shot” makes you share only the very best, and it eliminates all the clutter and endless postings of how wonderful your kids are, how great your vacation was, or the funny thing your cat did with a rubber-band.

I know; “One Shot” is pure brilliance. Now that you’ve read it, I encourage you to follow the traditional start-up process I mentioned earlier, and launch that company!

When you’ve achieved revenues in the gazillions, my lawyers and I will come calling.  Don’t worry, we can settle out-of-court, so you’ll still have enough money to buy a Caribbean island or two.  I think it’s best when everyone wins in the end.

I do have to warn you that the settlement amount for “One Shot” may be 2x the normal payout.  A friend of mine actually came up with the name for the site, so I’m sure that he will eventually sue me for stealing the monicker.  (He uses the methodology described in this blog as well.)

But don’t let that stop you.  I’ve given you a big idea, now it’s time for you to launch your multibillion dollar company and make it big – for the both of us!

Photo by Marshall Astor

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  1. I better be co-named as a plaintiff! -_-

    • Aaaaand I just read the second half of the post. Way to think ahead buddy. Much rather not have to sue you. We’ll sue together. Now come up with more ideas so we can dust some more crops (cocktail parties)…

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