Resolve Syrian Conflict with the Guy Who Won’t Shut Up

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It may appear that the situation in Syria has calmed down for the moment, but the main issue still remains:  President Bashar al-Assad needs to go.  In this no-win situation, I’ve put forth the one solution to the problem. We need to send in the Guy Who Won’t Shut Up. [Read more…]

How My Wife Got the USA to Double Its Debt

Banker and Wife

The US national debt was estimated to be $16.085 trillion as of April 2, 2013.  At first glance, this looks like a lot of mullah, and the knee-jerk reaction might be to repay it.  However, by applying the principles of my wife’s epiphany-worthy economic principles, I’m about to show you why we actually have another $16 trillion at our disposal. [Read more…]