One Word Can Keep Things Cool with Your Wife


I have put my foot in mouth so many times that there is a size 9 footprint embossed on my tongue. To overcome my poorly-timed and ill-advised words, I’ve taken a page out of the family dog’s book: I will only say one word. [Read more…]

Why Men Die Before Women


I’ve always wondered why men kick the bucket before women.  While searching through the refrigerator for a snack, the answer became as obvious and stomach-churning as the green fuzzy stuff atop a jar of six-week-old salsa. [Read more…]

Divorce, Remarry, Divorce and Remarry to Get a Screen Porch


I love my wife dearly. But there comes a time when we need to put aside our feelings of the heart, and focus on the passion of the pocketbook.  Especially when you want a new screen porch, which is what led to this latest epiphany. [Read more…]