Instilling Fear of Meteor Showers in Worrywart Moms

Instilling Fear of Meteors in Worrywart Moms Monica LaLanda

Why do we use the term “worrywart”? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to refer to chronic worriers as “mom”? Mommies tend to worry excessively about anything and everything, at least they did until my latest epiphany. (This week’s post features another guest illustration from Monica LaLanda!) [Read more…]

Moms Sabotage Math and Science in the Name of Santa


Much ado has been made about the decline of math and science test scores in US schools.  The root problem?  It’s not teachers or school boards.  The true saboteurs of our educational systems:  Mothers — and their motivation will shock you to your Christmas core. [Read more…]

Utilizing WWMS – What Would Mom Say


Did you ever notice how men tend to get marginalized in the family?  Everyday, a man’s ability to correctly assess a situation and make the right decision – skills we sorely lacked in first place –  diminishes.  It’s led me to my latest epiphany – utilizing the acronym WMMS – “What Would Mom Say.” [Read more…]