Have Your Friends Raise Your Kids


My kids are nice to me and the missus — most of the time. But they’re never as charming and pleasant to us as they are to our friends. This phenomenon was in desperate need of epiphanizing, and I was just the guy to do it. [Read more…]

Real Life Clash of Clans


Perhaps you’ve seen the hot video game sweeping the nation, Clash of Clans. With my latest epiphany, we’ve expanded the killing beyond the smartphone screen and into the everyday world. Now your family can kill other families – in real life! [Read more…]

De-rotica – the Sad New Literary Genre


My latest idea, the creation of the genre “De-rotica,” was less an epiphany and more a desperate act to save my marriage.  It began last year, when the accursed “Fifty Shades of Grey” found its way into our cozy little home. [Read more…]

Assassinating The World’s Most Competitive Parents


I’m not a big fan of killing.  Generally, if I want to inspire a change in behavior, I find maiming or heavy duty ridicule to be more effective.  But if we truly want to stop today’s insane family activity load, the only sure-fire way is to assassinate the World’s Most Competitive Parents. [Read more…]