Hack Santa This Xmas

High angle view of Santa Claus working on computer

Following the recent hack of Sony emails, I wondered who would – or should – be the next target. My choice? Santa. Discover why my latest epiphany ends the suffering of children worldwide via one well-orchestrated North Pole security breach. [Read more…]

Moms Sabotage Math and Science in the Name of Santa


Much ado has been made about the decline of math and science test scores in US schools.  The root problem?  It’s not teachers or school boards.  The true saboteurs of our educational systems:  Mothers — and their motivation will shock you to your Christmas core. [Read more…]

Buying 3,475 X-mas Gifts for My Twitter Followers


The holidays are here, and I view their arrival as the perfect opportunity to marry tradition with high tech.  It’s my latest epiphany:  I’m going to climb over the digital divide and hand-deliver a holiday gift for my 3,475 Twitter followers. (This week’s post includes a special guest illustration from Mónica Lalanda!) [Read more…]