Eliminate Verbal Communication

going to keep silence

People belly-ache about having to respond to so many text, email and Facebook messages. I have a simple solution: Let’s go with the digital flow, and eliminate verbal communication.

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Introducing the Fetus Phone

Introducing the baby iNvitro phone

Why are older generations so distraught over the younger generation’s fixation with smart phones? I say let’s take it to the next level, which is why I’ve subcontracted with Apple to roll out my latest epiphany: the Fetus Phone. (Another guest illustration from Monica Lalanda!) [Read more…]

Why NASCAR Drivers Should Text During Races

Haven’t we learned about the dangers of texting while driving?  Considering how many dolts I see weaving all over the road, the answer is no.  It’s why I thought the best way to demonstrate the peril is to encourage NASCAR drivers to start texting at 200 mph. [Read more…]