Boo thy Neighbor

Angry Sports Fanatic

At a recent University of Wisconsin football game, I had my first encounter with the Ohio State Buckeye fans, and boy, am I a better man for it. They showed me just how much fun it can be to boo thy neighbor. [Read more…]

How to Make the Most of Abysmal Wisconsin Weather

Institute Floating Holidays for Abysmal Wisconsin Weather
It’s no picnic living in Wisconsin.  Dangerous wind chills during the winter, predatory mosquitoes and gawd-awful humidity during the summer – it seems like a dress rehearsal for eternal damnation.  My latest epiphany is designed to make the most of the days it actually is nice in this wretched state.  [Read more…]

Cherished Vice Helps Swimming Replace Football

Swim meet
It’s over for high school football.  The moment a parent whose child has suffered a football-borne concussion files a personal injury lawsuit, every school district will scramble for an alternative.  It dawned on me that there was a perfect replacement for the prized pigskin:  Swimming.  That is, swimming paired with a certain vice even more popular than football. [Read more…]