The Garment the Opposite Sex Can’t Figure Out

garment the opposite sex can't figure out

The epic battle between the sexes has raged since the day Eve borrowed Adam’s rib and didn’t put it back. To help us men conquer the women-people, I’m fighting fire with fire by inventing the garment the opposite sex can’t figure out. [Read more…]

Letting My Wife Scope Out Women For Me

Letting my wife scope women out for me

Did you know 9 out of 10 men are put to death by their wives if they dare glance in the direction of another woman? With my bold, marriage-saving epiphany, I’ve figured out a simple way to stay alive: I’ll let my wife do the ogling for me. [Read more…]

Why Men Die Before Women


I’ve always wondered why men kick the bucket before women.  While searching through the refrigerator for a snack, the answer became as obvious and stomach-churning as the green fuzzy stuff atop a jar of six-week-old salsa. [Read more…]

The Correct Answer to “Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?”


Since the dawn of time, women have asked men the world’s most feared question, “Does this dress make me look fat?”  I, being the master of epiphanal thoughts, have at last produced a solution that spares men having to answer, saving lives and marriages in the process. [Read more…]